Thursday, August 4, 2011

On The Light Side:

We found this on Tumblr.
We found a lamp made by the same people several years ago, not this one, but ours is just as groovy.  We took a photograph of it but it is un-postable (with all the crap we have seen, one would think that we'd have a decent camera).

We'll try one more time.....
We think it worked...
Well it's good enough to get the idea.

Anyway, there are no markings on it anywhere, all original when we found it.  We rewired it, and rubbed several coats of laquer on the wood, polished & clear-coated the brass and re-stiched the leather lanyard in the original style.....

Expertly Restored.

We would like to know anything that anyone could tell us about it. 
Do you know?
We are quite certain that it is early post-war, American (Eastern or Industrial mid-western).

We love it, but more importantly, the kids are waiting for us to kick-the-bucket so they can get their hands on it!
Won't they be surprised to find out that about thirty people have keys to our place!!!


To bad we won't be there...


  1. Cute lamp! Loves the retro! Now if I could find a dress to match that shade it would be a fabu ensemble. How nice that shade would look on my head!

  2. Ooopsie! I made the right comment on the wrong post....
    I'm sure that never ever happened to you before....