Saturday, December 6, 2014

Feeling Nauseous

With all the malignant racism and institutionalized bigotry that has been exposed of late, I've been just too disgusted to post. No sooner did I arrive in Cleveland than twelve year old Tamir Rice gets shot dead in a playground with a toy gun a couple of miles away from here. Meanwhile Mike Brown is dead and Darren Wilson is now a retired millionaire. This is to mention only two of god-knows-how-many executions, and silly me, I thought that I'd left the south and their brand of justice.

Moreover, as if this isn't evil enough just on its face, our governors send in more troops than we have in Iraq to quiet citizens first amendment rights to protest, tanks & teargas...???  

The number of American citizens that are in denial or those that justify these tyrannical actions and those that just turn a blind eye to it, demonstrates how deeply sick so many Americans have become, all the while declaring their Christianity, patriotism and exceptionalism. This is a pox and a scourge and I think quite likely will end the empire. I will not argue that we don't deserve that if things continue this way.

Speaking of Horror -

Someone Please,
Fetch Me a Barf Bag...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploring My New Neighborhood...

I arrived on Thursday a bit road-worn but in good spirits. Initially I was on my own so I went off walking, finding the drugstore, the grocery, restaurants & bars etc. I thought enough to share this photo with you all, If you don't know why try enlarging it and looking at the lamp in the window, after all, it is a major award..!

I do believe that I have already found the perfect job and will know for sure in the next couple of days. I sure hope so because I am having computer issues that make blogging and even googling very frustrating.  If I get the job I will just go out and buy a new computer, one that I really want, then maybe, even probably, I'll start blogging with regularity again.  

It is so nice to be back in civilization again, I'm feeling pretty perky!


Monday, November 3, 2014

On My Way to Cleveland..!

I Better Get Going Because

The Traffic Looks Fierce..!

It's True!
I am leaving Appalachia this week and I am so looking forward to living in a city again. I always loved Cleveland and its people, it was the weather I couldn't take. Thanks to facebook I've hooked-up with the old gang from my rockin & rollin days which will make the winter far more palatable and I'm sure I'll have a clearer mind for blogging, among other things...

Thanks for sticking around,
Love  you all,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

To RENO..!

The Land of the Great Divide...

But, whither, whither shall I fly...???

Thank you all for sticking around, it has been nearly three years since I left New York, and I am quite happy to inform you that my time in Appalachia is OVER....

I may actually come back to life..!