Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Thing I Miss About Blogger the Most -

After being away for a while and using mostly facebook and doing a couple of posts over at Wordpress, I find that I miss coming here and just letting go, being completely insane, not really caring what anyone thinks. I find it cathartic.

I will continue to post on Wordpress, but I will save that for more serious literary reflections, I already have a couple of posts there almost ready in draft. I really have come to hate facebook for anything more than staying in touch with old friends and its messaging features. The airing and advertising of people's ignorance and idiocy there I just cannot away with. 

I should also add that life has not been so kind to me lately, I have health issues that I have to deal with, not illness, just broken & bruised from a hard driven work and play life. I had emergency surgery a week ago and am recovering quite well, pain is my constant companion. My finances are non-existent, who knows what's going to happen?

(Me withdrawing from pain killers)

Then there's the fact that Google changed its mind so that we can all enjoy this picture!

I love white trash and I'd clean his trailer anytime..!