Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Never Insinuate that We Know "Other" Bloggers.....

We Know That You Know That.
We have made the acquaintance of a lovely, proper lady that has just begun Blogging:
She Wants Her World Colored.

And after formal introductions, we have found her to be very charming and an hostess extraordinaire...
We only bring this up because she had her vaginal exam today, and bad news....The doctor says that she needs to do Kegel exercises... 
I always do mine when the phone rings or when I get an email or if normadesmond comments on this blog....

Inhale Pink; Exhale Blue.

Anyway, it seems that she has one "free-spirit" son, out in San Francisco, that convinced her to expand her world, and we just think that we should welcome her, with open extremities....

Stop by and say "Hello", but be gentle, as her "kitten" has been recently prodded, or probed, or girl stuff....

Here is a snap of her "free-spirit" son:

And You Will Never Guess What His Name Is.....
(answer at the bottom)

Visit Mrs. Smith-Standish HERE

BRUCE, of course!!!
You Silly!


  1. Great blog suggestion...I wonder if Mrs. Standish knows Gay Carrington...

  2. Klee- That's one of the thoughts that crossed my mind.

  3. Well, Bruce seems to have a problem with his Mother talking about her Vagina! Now, how free-spirited is that?
    Ass! Ass! Ass!

    OK. I've just noticed you put free-spirited in "quotes"!


  4. start kegeling dear....

    i'm reminded of a poem from the '70s:

    i was walking along the street today and i
    stepped on your clit, but you were a mile away.