Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Look Who Just Happen to Stop by the Diner Today....

Sik Chik actually left her white Coach in booth #6 today. The Old Man was Looking for a reason to call her after speaking with her and receiving her calling card.
As the story goes, so he says, he was praying for any reason to call her, and then Lo & Behold; Her bag...
He Called!
She was already over the mountain so she asked him to overnight it to her. He did!
A few minutes ago she sent this to his phone...
I had to share...


  1. Excuse me sir, can you bring me some ketchup, please sir! Thanks you sir!

    Oh! And another DietCoke, sir!

  2. Wouldn't you prefer POUTINE, Huggy Jon?

  3. Pommes de terre gratinee a la Colbert, you mean???