Monday, April 30, 2012

The Twelve Rules of Chef.

#1  Chef never sleeps;  he rests.

#2  Chef is not drinking;  he is tasting.

#3  Chef does not eat;  he nourishes himself.

#4  Chef is not late;  he has been detained. 

#5  Chef has not left service;  he has been called away.

#6  Chef is always Chef,  even in his bathing costume.

#7  It is strictly forbidden for Chefs to marry, so that their numbers should not be increased.

#8   When you criticize Chef;  you criticize the Almighty

#9  When you enter Chef's office with your own ideas,  you will leave with his.

#10  The word Chef is always capitalized.  Always. 

#11  Chef is always right.

Is it that hard to understand?

#12  If you disagree with Chef:  See rule #11.


  1. Having worked in restaurants, I can attest to the truthery of this post.


  2. Isn't Rule 1 not to talk about Chef Rules?

  3. Right now, there is a certain Chef in my life that I've been calling a multitude of unladylike names.