Monday, February 6, 2012

Slaw Delivery, Waiting to Happen....

It seems that someone presumed that a victory party would be taking place tonight....
Then I go to deliver the cole slaw, hush puppies & tar-tar sauce, and what do I find?
The address in question is still up for grabs!
Much to my dismay....
OH, these two, (2).

I swear, everything I know, I'll take to my grave....
Cole slaw & hushpuppies have a shelf life....
Tar-tar Sauce is Forever,
So, I'm not so worried, in this crowd tar-tar sauce is as much of a necessity as fabreze or red lipstick....

Let me know who wins so I can deliver the appropriate accompaniments, (insert correct French word here, of which I pronounce better than even those of the tongue: HERE), to the appropriate address, so that I might go back to my true love in life; Pulling Pork.

Never really cared for tar-tar sauce.....


  1. You may return to pulling pork, Wally.

    Mistress MJ is prepared to let bygones be bygones with Norma and get down to some nipple posting.

  2. yes, i'm turning the other cheek,
    but only one of them.

    and thanks for the feast wally. don't generally
    pull pork, but i may make an exception.

  3. And don't just pull, but also twist, pinch, slap, squeeze, nibble, chew, lick, suck... ok, get out of the way, I'll show you how it's done!

  4. A shame, really, I thought things were just getting going good.