Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look Whar Good Lookin's Been a'Cookin' ...

A triple layer quadruple strawberry threat cake.

A rocky road, fat, hot brownie mess, a la mode...

The old man,  bought this Coke button some time ago for four hundred dollars.
It's the real thing! At least four feet in diameter, and although it is no longer in its' natural condition, it has been restored quite nicely. It will look great on the side of the diner!  When I am ready to photograph it from that perspective you will all understand....

Also it is ever-so-much cooler because Coke is from Georgia....
Atlanta, that is.
About two hours downhill, in the valley.

I did get ready to make stuffed cabbages in the morning....

And I just want to show how beautiful cabbage leaves can be in their infinite variety!

A feast of greens!


  1. I love me some cabbage, but I hate the sky writing part later......


    Just blame it on someone else, Maddie...

    I do!

  3. The sign will look great!
    I found a heap of laminated Coke posters from their 100th anniversary calendar laying about in the shed that is now my flat which used to be the previous owners billiard room!
    Apparently... he collected coke paraphernalia but some how these posters got left behind... I should take some photos of them to post I guess.... I don't know if they'd be worth anything.... Well maybe they would to a collector!

  4. Strawberry cake please. Hold the cabbage.

  5. Princess, take some photos & email them to me.... what you have ma very well be rare in the market!
    Enough even to ship one of our asses to another place so that we be able to truly enjoy a spot of tea, together....

    lx, coming right up!! Alas, even someone like I has found no purchase having the talent of knowing the art of holding cabbage.....

    More is the shame....

  6. Martha Stewart say what?
    In the kitchen, cooking and baking, and rehabbing old signs?
    I see a TV show in someone's future.