Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crazy Weather Huh?

Today on the Blue Ridge:

 The Daffodils are in bloom....
Along with some crocus, phlox, dandelions & the pansies, of course!
Got a little more work done...


The bluebirds have come back for lunch, which is really quite lovely.


  1. Portland, the Brooklyn of the west, has had a nutty winter. It usually rains every day November- January & it has been sunny & warm & the driest winter ever recorded. Buds have set all over the garden.

  2. peenee, I still think that I still can kick a bitch....
    Give me a little time & I'll show! (thanks)..

    Stephen, It's like the year without a winter for me, in more ways than one! I sure hope so, as we need the cash from people that'll pay for weather. It can be spooky at times though....

  3. Girl, it is very warm and mild here too. I would have thought I drank to much gin, but the bulbs are all breaking ground already, half mass too!

  4. maddie, It's all kind of wacky & surreal, just like you my dearest!

  5. Wow! it's all done... I guess the rain held off long enough...
    It's a good looking makeover!

  6. The hole looks good.
    I mean....well, you know.

    That daffodils are a'blooming like crazy at Casa Smallville. Yesterday was shorts and t weather. In Febru-freaking-ary!

  7. Snow. Ice. Dirty brown slush! Yeah! That pretty sumarizes it all in Canadia!

    Daffodils??? Not before April!

    Now what's that critter there between the two buildings! And could someone please pick up the garbage on the sidewalk!


  8. Princess, not done dear, but thanks! It is looking better.

    Bob, I'm sure you guys are way ahead, along with the rest of the valley, I actually thought of your yard! I was in a t-shirt & suspenders yesterday as well, working on the hole, it is looking better every day, thank you so much. You & Carlos are coming up for the bluegrass festival, right?

    Jill, Gorgeous darling, spring done sprung! You & the main man should stop by for some fried green tomatos & some sweet tea.

  9. It's t-shirt weather in Montana as well. Must be at least 27 degreees out there.

    Daffodils won't be up for another 8 weeks or so.

  10. MisMiriam, It is a wacky world, is it not? I can't stop myself from thinking about "The Year Without a Summer", you know, the summer that Mary Shelly wrote "Frankenstein"......

    psst! - Always wanted o see Montana!

  11. Yes, I know

    There's alot of Montana to see.