Friday, February 10, 2012

The Problem with Evangelical Christians.....

Apart from the fact that they really don't know Jesus...
They may have met him, I can't really say.
They do seem not to know the scriptures as a whole. If they did, they would know who gets tossed into the lake of fire first...
Do you?
The answer is quite as simple as Jesus was/is: 
The fearful.

Faith vs. Fear?

Sometimes I think that we should invoke Levitical law, because that would be the end of evangelicals, catholics & the like...

To me it is really quite linear;

The definition of religion is: Man seeking God.

The definition of true christianity is: God seeking man.


Jesus died on the cross to end religion...

Search over.

Love love,
love me,
love your brother,
love you enemy x 70,
love yourself,
love love loves loves lovingly.

I forgive all & everyone,
I hope that I am forgiven...


Pray with me for those that do not understand.


  1. Lovely sermon this week Reverend Wally!

    Hopefully the entire congregation was listening.

  2. That is lovely Ms Wally! Next time down south I'm stopping at the Hole in the Wall for your good company and a mason of White Lighting!