Friday, June 17, 2011

We've No Work, No Money -

And From the Bundle -
On Our Last Fucking Nerve...
We love our clients, but everyone seems to be cutting back on things...
Except their vacations:
We have two clients in Italy, One in the Hamptons, two floating around the Atlantic on their way to Europe, one in Hungary and two down the Jersey Shore...
All at the same time.  

We just can't take it anymore, all this juggling...

So we have started looking for a steady job, most anything will do...
We haven't been in the market for about a decade & we are not quite as pretty as we were then...

So we are very much a frayed knot-

When we'd much rather be-
Who knows how the posting will go?
It may be sporadic for a while as we are a little grim and searching for work does take its toll....
We will try to at least post a photographic interpretation of how we are feeling & hopefully we will snag a position soon....

Keep a good thought for us, kids.


  1. Hope you're having a better week than, you know.

    Best wishes!

  2. Well, then good luck and god speed, and have a cocktail!

  3. I'm sorry to hear this news Wally...
    I sincerely hope that a job with a regular income turns up real soon for you... Remember the Gin's always flowing over at mine!

  4. xl - embarrassment I can handle, and Weiner can at least can afford a full liquor cabinet!

    Bob - Thanks, keep that thought for me... It's all the more grievous because my landlord is a screaming Greek republican that thinks poor people are just lazy...

    Princess - Gin, you say? Clean out a closet for me, I may need to stow away to your gin-laden port!

  5. Dearest Wally -

    Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you.

    BTW - I think ALL the landlords in Astoria are Republican Greeks (mine is)!


  6. Thanks David, that's what I needed to hear.