Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watching the Morons Go By...

Two of Them.
Politics Aside...

You are in New York City visiting a friend that is from New York City, and the New Yorker friend takes you out for pizza.  Alright, fair enough, we all have to eat...
There is so very many & much good pizza in NYC, all over, where to go???

New York moron takes Alaska moron to Times Square, where there is no good pizza,  to some sellout chain. Whatever...

Then they eat it with forks & knives!!!

This just is not done in NYC.
(This is a sure sign that you are a bumpkin, and you might get mugged).

New Yorkers don't care how people eat pizza in other places, so save those comments.  There is only one way to eat pizza in the city:  Fold it lengthwise & with two hands have your first two or three bites from the narrow end, after this proceed single handedly. (a slice here is very large).
Use napkins.

Back to politics....
This was a "Tell All" moment for NYC voters...
The stupidest of New Yorkers now know that these two are a couple of phonies...

The one thing that these two have deeply in common, as we see it....  
They both try really hard to forget who they are.



  1. Could have had a political trifecta if Weiner had sent his weiner pix to them during the pizza photo op!

  2. maybe MsP shot the grizzly old meat (...the bear type not the one sat next to her) that went on the 'pizza'?

  3. xl - There is no reason to do something nice for these two...

    Charlotta - Better pizza with grizzly bear than with grizzly & bore...

  4. I can smell the pandering from here.
    Or, is that the "marinara"?

  5. Bob - I can't smell anything above the mendacity...

  6. Darling -

    I've updated my Palin post from this morning with an urgent link to this post. Important stuff!

    BTW - I passed by this pizza joint every day when I lived in Hell's Kitchen (it's right at the top of the 50th Street Station (1 Train). A complete tourist trap - but it DOES have the one thing Trump and Palin were looking for - a place where the maximum number of photographers could get a picture of them. It's located on the corner - and has two glass walls which face out onto the sidewalks of Bway and 50th St. Perfect for paparrazi.


  7. David - Thanks!
    I was wondering about the address & I was too disgusted to google it. Having pizza there pretending to be in the city.... What a joke!