Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Have Been a Wee Bit Incommunicado, You May Have Noticed ???

It is nothing against you, our buddies from Blogsylvania, it is just really tough, financially,  right now on/for us and our rosy specs have gone grey......

We hope you understand...
We want you to know that we have visited you all, and have written many letters...

That we never sent.

With any providence at all this will be a temporary condition, and we will be back to our regularly scheduled ranting soon.....

Until Then:

We Tried to Call....
We Just didn't Have a Quarter.


  1. Haven't seen a case-quarter for a month...

  2. gotta get yourself a mobile phone dw

  3. As you can see PI, I'm still trapped in my cellphone...

  4. You just take care of yourself.
    And if you stand around in the phone booth like that, I'm sure you'll be making money in no time.

  5. I heard this tune a few days ago somewhere and have it stuck in my head now.

    This is not helping.

    *stares at phone booth boner for distraction*

  6. Thanks Jason, I'll try...

    MJ- I think that infomaniac is responsible for screwing up blogger...
    Revenge is sweet !!!

  7. i wish i needed to call someone.