Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner's Weiner.... The Money Shot....

We Can Tell By Our Stats That You Want To See

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  1. So, how are things looking in the district for Weiner?

  2. xl - Most people it seems, agree that he needs to just grow up but don't see any reason for him to resign, if all the facts stay the same as they are now. However, "the powers" do not like him, so he won't be mayor any time soon.
    I think the voters would re-elect him, but "the powers" may just push him out through redistricting.

  3. Thanks for the insider info!

  4. so the guy has a cock! Whats all the fuss about? They are a dime a dozen are they not?
    with all the technology these days it just seem we get to see more of them whether we went to or not!

  5. Princess - The Psychopaths (republicans) have a standard for the country & the world... Tony Weiner really just gets in their craw..
    Money Money Money.
    Tony needs to just keep on working, his people still support him as of now...
    Tony's dick is just a man's dick...
    republican dick is filthy, nasty, hypocritical dick wanting to screw the whole planet...
    It is an important story in the fact that it is just ridiculous....

    Follow the Money, Money, Money.......


  6. Oh... I get it now... I try not to follow the intricate manouverings of American Politics... The "neo cons" and Tparty asshats are trying to rule right?

  7. Yes.
    Not Christian - ooga boogaa
    abortion - ooga boogaa
    homosexuals -ooga boogaa
    muslims -ooga boogaa
    socialists -ooga boogaa
    If you don't give us the power, "others" will have control - ooga boogaa

    They want to keep people stupid, Princess...
    Rule through fear.

    sad, sad, sad...

    good night love.