Sunday, January 2, 2011

YES! - There is always room for JELL-O!!!

(Exactly what we looked like for three hours new year's day evening, while contemplating 2011)

He really is quite the Muse...

We spent quite some time last night contemplating 2011 & how it might be. And whilst perusing our regular haunts in Bloggyland and peeping through windows of perhaps new ones, we could only come up with one substantive thought...
So off to our files we went. Guess what? No gelatin files.... How did we end up in such desperate straights? How can we go on? Whatever shall we do?

... Well, we mentioned work, gave up and restlessly went to bed...

We received an email this morning from Rui Barros containing best wishes for the new year and the above GIF.  Believe it or not, we were actually thinking about him & a previous communication/conversation we had had with him when the email arrived, (par for the queen's coarse), so, not that spooky and very welcome...

What do ya know?
And not just any gelatin... He hit the pig right on the snout! 

All we can say to that is:  Thank You

psst,  We really need to find out if gelatin is commonly served in New Zealand. 

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