Monday, January 24, 2011

We Have Always Enjoyed the Rending ....


It is important to know us in order to understand.

We were the head library aide in our school system from grade seven up until our earliest possible graduation.
Make fun if you must, but Wally had access to everything that everyone, ever, checked out of the libraries in Summit County, Ohio, and more specifically: Revere School District, i.e. Richfield, Bath, parts of Peninsula, parts of Medina, Northhampton & the like:
(some of which are just plain gone.)

Yes, access to everything you ever read and your siblings, your cousins, your parents, grandparents....
You get the picture.
This hippy roamed the halls of higher learning with impunity; when a teacher or a principal saw us in the halls in the middle of a period, we were never, not once queried. Of such we used greatly to our advantage, please understand.
Tonight, we just would like to point out that we met Jeff in the library, first period in early September of nineteen hundred and seventy-six, (in Ohio we made our own schedules for high-school). We struck up a conversation with him because his "card catalogue" intrigued us. Jeff on the other-hand was more intrigued that he was being spoken to, directly....

That is all we can handle for now.



  1. Do you recall any of the titles or the subject content?

  2. Yes, He was fascinated with WWII, both historical & fictional, Mein Kampf, (this was very common then in Northern Ohio). Also Vonnegut, Mysticism and chemistry. He was very smart.