Friday, January 7, 2011

Great Guns.. What is he made-up for???

The Seeing Eye???

Honestly do any of you guys know about this twenty-year-old from Vero ?
Sincerely, we are asking..



  1. I laughed and laughed, but no, I have no idea who he is. I just wish I did.

  2. Hi Wally,
    Here is a link for more of Craigarey's Antics
    He's a funny boy.

  3. A typical scene from Mistress MJ's kitchen only with roles reversed, i.e. a houseboy doing the cooking and Mistress MJ "suprvising" with a jumbo cocktail.

  4. mrpeenee - He's great, isn't he? And quite the looker!

    Princess - Thanks for the link, saves me some time as I was going to find out more later.. (he is from my neck of the woods, so I am doubly interested).

    MJ - Of coarse you were on my mind when I first saw this, but you & I in a kitchen... We wouldn't be able to boil water!