Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why it can be hard to give an account...

We were about to do a post entitled, "First Period", but whilst googling images to illustrate our points, we came across other people whom we know from this particular part of our past. This is not necessarily painful in and of itself,  however, when people skew their memories and leave the truth for embellishment and that, especially for money, (we like to call this lying), it bothers us and it upsets us even more when said lies are about someone we love.
We pointed out to Mistress in the comments to Jeff-Jeff-Mike-Wally that the one interesting thing that the FBI found out about this case is that anyone that was truly close to Jeff refused to speak publicly about him.  Indeed, we are only doing this now for two, no, three reasons:
1. It needs to be done; I need to do it.
2. It is 2011 and any chance of hurting anyone involved has diminished substantially.
3. There are at least two people that want to know, for real, (and they are both Canadian, Eh?), what they need to do with this information we don't know... But our intuition tells us that perhaps in some way the world may become better; we have, so we give.

Anyway, this one person that we came across in our search that claims to have been Jeff's friend, (and as it happens this guy has done very well for himself, professionally as an artist, all of us in North America have enjoyed his work, we promise you.),  Jeff actually considered him a teasing bully.  There was one time he addressed this to us,  and we witnessed this on more than one occasion ourselves.  They very well may have been friends at one point in time, but not when all the shit went down.  We know, we were there. (unbeknownst to him, his own writing supports our statements).

Most of his crimes were committed in Wisconsin, and that, a few years later, but the good people of Ohio just had to start wagging their tongues which gave law enforcement a good deal to sort out. Eventually, according to the agent that interveiwed us, Jeff finally told them: "If you want to know about Ohio, I only had three friends: Jeff S, Mike C and Wally S."

He did terrible things but he was not dishonest.

enough for now.



  1. Are you referring to the artist that produced a comic book about him?

    Anyway, my interest in your story is in the emotional impact this must have had in your life.

    How, for example, does one process the dreadful facts that one's friend is not the person you thought him to be?

    Since emotions aren't necessarily something you can turn off and on like a water faucet, how do you deal with the fact that you might still feel a bond with this person despite his crimes?
    (I don't know if this applies to you or not).

    And if you still have feelings for this person, how do you justify them to others who might criticize and judge you?

    I can't imagine how difficult this period in your life must have been for you and the struggle you faced in your mind and in your heart.

  2. Yes, that's the guy, but his political satire work is his success, (under a pen name).
    To answer your other questions is more of a post than a comment...
    And I will answer those, but as you can tell, this is still emotional for me some twenty years after he was caught, and delving into my memories from over thirty years ago...
    And thank you for asking good questions.