Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Players - Jeff, Jeff, Mike & Wally...

We four...

Jeff D. -
 '71 Ford LTD, two door, midnight blue, ivory landau roof, ocean blue brocade interior..... great radio/8-track...
smelled like pot, menthols, Canadian whiskey & spoodge. 


 Jeff S.
'70 Ford LTD, four door hardtop, midnight blue, midnight blue vinyl roof, midnight blue vinyl interior, great radio/8-track.... Smelled like menthols, pot, mad dog, beer, and burger farts...

Michael C.
'73 Dodge Charger Fastback, RED w black striping, bucket seats, cheap black vinyl interior ,
lousy radio... Smelled like pot, menthols, plastic fumes and a little bit like his sister's perfume...

Wally S.
 '70 Fiat 850 Spider Grand Tourino, Convertible, ORANGE, black striping, black top, bucket seats, black vinyl interior, radio that only works within metropolitan Rome.... Smells like roses & freshly steamed tiramisu... 

When we think of Jeff, Jeff, Mike & we, the first song that comes to mind is :
When we think of the many times we were cruising with Jeff D, alone, this is the only song that was playing:
We must point out that this was the nineteen-seventies in northeastern Ohio.... We went out every night.
That is to say - we went out, mostly.

That's about all I can handle for one night of reminiscent pain...
more later...

If you don't understand these posts of Jeff, Jeff, Mike & Wally, Just ignore it, and we always try to post something FUN after.


Pssst. The cars look all romantic now.... But back then... Four schlubs were we...


  1. Allthough - my car rocked Cleveland!!!
    ...So suck on that Edith.

  2. Curious about whether you were interviewed by press or police about your friendship with him...if that's not too personal a question.

  3. The police interviewed Jeff, Mike & me and they told me that the one thing different about this case was that anyone that was close to Jeff would not talk to the press...
    I knew the people that did, but they were not close to him, in fact, Jeff gave the FBI our three names as his only friends in Ohio.

  4. I'm surprised one of the tabloids didn't come knocking on your door.