Monday, January 3, 2011

It may be a good year after all...

We got parking in Chinatown!
This probably sounds really stupid to everyone, even non-driving New Yorkers, (most of them) but let us sum it up for you:
If we were of a mind to, when we were ready to leave, we could have stood in the street for no more than four minutes, and sold that parking space for forty bucks, easily.

The phantom brought us a parking space!
This means we got to stumble around and eat!

After that we came home and found out about mrpeenee's current dilemma....
Sad really...

But we saw this & found this look quite dashing.  And we wondered if anyone else thinks this would be a good look for him? 
I can almost smell it.

A photograph of Aaron that we've never seen before, we think,  is the look that'll make mrpeenee feel much better about his temporary malfunctness  ...

we know it works for us.


  1. What was the question?

    I'm distracted by the big wrench.

  2. Yes, to all of the above. Especially the big jewel.

  3. Yes - That.
    Is a big wrench and it is a big jewel....
    So, we concur that whatever it is; it is big.