Sunday, December 19, 2010

See... this is why we hate all of our boyfriends....

all our real life friends, watch this and comment even as a guest....
how in god's green hell, did we not even know this existed?
we mean,  

Talk about Wally Porn....


  1. This is the best version I've ever heard. That said, I hope whoever was directing the band and kept playing over JONI FUCKING MITCHELL was dragged out and pummeled immediately after this for his sins.

  2. Joni's wearing the "ugly Christmas sweater" of skirts.

  3. Yes, peenee, he should be beaten... I mean who could even breath while Joni is singing? Or Cass, or Mary?

    MJ - Joni can do anything & everything... Except, pick out her own garb.
    Now, if I could have mamma's dress, I'd wear it often!