Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the patiosville's beatnicks.....

or some such nonsense -
in the late seventies
we are certain some of you out there in bloggyland have crossed paths with at least one here

Spike Heel, Lizard Boy and Shirlee Knott and her younger sister and brother: Mae Bea Knott & Will Knott (we've always thought that Wyatt Knott was an aborted fetus).
Popps Cunningham & the Cunningham Clan: Richie, Kathy, Little Chris Killian( that lived on the corner of Charlotte & Webber), and others that we'd know today if we ran into them but their alias' escape us.... Jimmy Zero & Suzzie Q were with that crowd - Circle Jerks
don't have the blueberry crumble!
Rachel & Giselle Flemming, Rick and Warren
Bobby.... & .... Soviet Threat, (The ever present)(Lt. Col.))
Dancin' Dave...
Dangerous Don...
Mother's, The Bank,
JB's up, JB's down - a pubescent Scott Weiland, (who was your chaperone, anyway?)
... for a quarter i will -
david morningstar, sad, RIP
Sherri North, Paul Bearer (AKA Jim Jarmusch)
BO DIDLEY, Dead Boys
Ray & the Ethington boys
THE VAPORS (the ones that had the name first then sued by some japanese band)
Trudy, Tracy, The Trendsetters and the Teagles - both of 'em
a man... needs a motor...
Want some Moe, & Mark Hughes
Devolution & Amy
Dog-Boy.... rruuffff
The Waitresses, Wild Giraffes, Tin Huey
Patti Donehue RIP & Chris Butler(too great for mere earthlings & still kicking)
Professor Dave who got our italian patent leather shoes -
Cliff, Brent & the other One, ACTION
KLAUS NOMI wants to blow me -
Mikie Hammar & Donny Damage
The Phantasy, Pirate's Cove, Agora, Agora, Agora
The Akron Museum of Art -
The Real Akron Museum of Art -
BIG WOW - Bizaaros
Betty Ford, Betty Brown, Betty Davis, Bette Greene < The Bettys
Chi Pig
Sweet Rachel Sweet, adam
Rubber City Rebels
The Somantics, X, Rapid Eye Movement, Kar Sickness
Del Boner & the Sodbusters
Krista Cynthia Kennedy Kauffmann Rose, Krizek
Dan Kidney & the Pulsations
Bob and Jack Kidney & Terry Hynde - The Numbers Band

as we are wont to do -
we will post this now & then add to it later, and later, and later....
as we recollect....
as we are wont to do...

qw -  AKA - Will Knott, Wally Mod, Wally Awful...

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