Sunday, December 5, 2010

only in new york -

what the hell is up with that last post,   one may ask?

well, let us roll a cigarette and offer one,     a new york excuse....

seriously, no lie...
we were kidnapped by gypsies...
and a band of models-

you see the meeting in the ladies room went very well - a fashion show by a hungarian designer in Gramercy Park.
lapping up the bourbon and wearing our infamously large, powerful hostess hat, we set about to insinuate ourselves generally ....
and succeeded, (of coarse).
it was a beautiful show, the couture, the jewelry, the music, the crowd, the models, (their boyfriends).
 & then after the show three young gypsies played, two on the violin & one on the Steinway... really quite amazing...
but the big blurr began after smoking a joint on the terrace, trust us, the next thing we know we are being pulled into a cab by said gypsies and then a model dives into the cab and lands on my lap-
off we go to a lovely little dive, aptly named, "Cheap Shots"...
sloppy drunk, all...
by three a.m. the love-fest started - sexy young boys & girls hanging all over us, professing their sincere and unwavering love for the old queen of queens,



(don't even remember posting that insanity at four a.m., or whatever).


  1. Subtitle: A Day in the Life.

  2. It's true - I have everything but cash. Sad really...

  3. Money can't buy you... something or the other. I forget.

  4. We're in good company then, or something, I forgot.