Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sorry, I Was Called Away to the Spa for a Few Days....

My P. O. Evidently, Didn't Like My Pee....

I said "try it with a little lemon".  I think they liked that answer, because they gave me some bracelets & chauffeured me to the county spa where they washed me with special soaps and gave me a very chic saffron colored jump suit.....

(All the boys said that orange is my color, and I told them, well, it is Halloween.........

Well, I'm out now, and more on that later, as I am very tired from sleeping for three days straight, practically solid.


  1. Replies
    1. Trust me,
      All them boys considered it a deadly shiv once I picked my perch at the top of the steps, legs spread, in worn-out orange denim, reading books without pictures.....

      Oh, my cell number: C-6 (in hillbilly speak pronounced, " See Sex"...).

  2. Wally Dearest, How many times have I said, this ISN'T the spa you want in? Well Im glad your ok, did you get to see any action sugar? Now rest and hit the special candy dick, I meant, dish!

    1. Maddie,
      How sweet of you to ask. No action, you know how I have that motherly effect on them damaged young'ns, with those eyes searching for approval....

      And pardon me, but candy dish got me into this mess in the first place, oh, I mean dick!

  3. Honey? Horizontal stripes? No. No.

    1. Bob,
      At forty pounds overweight & two teeth, with knowledge of the use of a bic razor, I am the pretty one....

      It's done wonders for my complexion, aka; ego.

  4. Miss Miriam,
    We should start a line of teas and infusions....
    We'll start with one named:
    "Peeing in a Cup is a Bitch", and just go from there.

    I smell big money!!!

  5. Replies
    1. We could do it!
      I'm gonna go with the vision.....
      Please feel free to nag me (I am very busy, yet capable).

      Inspiration is a very wonderful English word.