Sunday, October 7, 2012

Great Day!!!

K-K-K - - - Go-A-WAY !!!

It turns out that this was the overwhelming sound of the rally yesterday.  The fifteen or so klansmen arrived a little bit late only to be greeted by forty-five or so protesters (more than half of which were a LGBT group!), and a crowd of perhaps a couple hundred spectators as well. As fate did have it, the good ol' boys in the flour sacks just couldn't get it up and ended up leaving an hour early, via the back door.....

Many of the protesters stopped by the diner afterwards and had coffee with me, where I got their impressions. And it was fairly agreed that the klan (at least around here), is dying and carries no real weight....

What a Great Day!
With the KKK,  goin' away....

Follow-up story HERE.


  1. Their "outfits" still strike fear in me.
    Glad they were drummed outta town.

  2. You showed them. Good riddance to bad rubbish. So hard to believe the KKK even exist in 2012.