Friday, September 21, 2012

Since the Presidential Election for 2012 is Now Over,

For All Intents & Purposes*

Some are now turning their energies to the 2016 elections such as Governor Kris Kristy Kreme (R) New Jersey:

Who spent today in Iowa (I can't imagine why),  and not spending any time working for Shitty Mitt's & Lyin' Ryan's campaign ...

*Everyone still needs to vote!

(The Governor swearing that he only had three)

Well, I've started working on the 2016 elections myself...

And after having spent the longest ten years of my life one year in New Jersey, I  did manage to learn to speak the language there & I just want to send this sweet little message to the soon-to-be former Governor Kristy Kreme:

Get It?
Got It?


  1. Are those pies your entry for the Infomaniac Kitchen Queen Contest?

  2. Nothing says Mittsy's done than the GOP trotting out the 2016 model.

  3. Governor Kristy Kreme? No problem! The Department of Homeland Security will have banned elections by 2016.