Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh You Kids, With Your Sexy TV Shows.....

I have never really fit in with main-stream pop culture.
It seems as if I am always off in the shadows of it, somewhere....

And so, this is what goes through my mind whenever anyone brings up that show or shows with the good looking gay vampires, that I have never seen & right now, can't even remember the name of....

I must be a real L7.


  1. As one L7 to another, right back atcha.

  2. Every BOOK cover is vampire themed now too.

    Oh Hai, Maddie!

  3. True Blood. And you ain't missing that much, really. It's not nearly as much fun as the gif you posted above.

  4. Ed Woods ended his illustrious career with some porn that included a fuck scene in a coffin, but this one looks too well-produced, even in gif format, for his shaky hand.

  5. GODDAMMIT. Ed WOOD, not Woods. My typing is as shaky as his direction.

    1. Don't worry peenee, no one could ever think that you would mishandle WOOD...