Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Supreme Court of the United States of America...

The evil right-wing-nut majority on the bench (perhaps not a majority,  just half the bench plus one conspicuous Uncle Tom, or Uncle Justice Thomas, as the case may be....), will most likely rule that it will be perfectly fine for me to writhe in agony until my death, even as I pay taxes for killing people that I don't even know and to make sure that oil companies get money so they don't have to worry how much money they need to make.

Nice, conservative, christian folk; A light unto the world, they are....

And this from the people that brought us the Citizens United decision that, in their personal wisdom, proclaims that: Corporations are people too.

((I wonder if homosexual corporations are people as well???) Humph.)

Anyway, I guess judgement has little to do with some judges and I figure the communion wine these "justices" are drinking must be pretty sweet....

I saw this over at Dailykos & grabbed it to share:

In this country,
 you are more likely to receive justice from a 
Nachos Supreme than from the Supreme Court...

Including the after-burn...


  1. Sing it, Sister!!!!


  2. Brilliantly said Wally!


    I don't think the Supreme Court has been nearly as effective as they were in the 60s, you know, before Diana Ross left for a solo career.

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    1. We can only go back to your place if you keep Pepto & Gin in inventory.....