Sunday, June 17, 2012


The Truth:

dear lord, 
let the muse come upon me
that I can tell the, titanic twats, out there, that pay attention to me, why I have not been present
in prose, Pleese?

Apple Jelly,

I am very alive
no jive
old man has been in bad pain from out of nowhere for about six weeks now

diner has the business-big-time-soon

some big, lovely, well spoken black man from the Atlanta Journal Constitution interveiwed me as an important person, so I gave him a piece

shit will hit the fan
25cents of shit will buy you much more than 50cent of status quo
not that i know about such things

sexy dirty dreams

hate to say it
the labor pool down here
peanuts, shoved into a bottle of mountain dew
and theys proud of it

the good ones behave as if they were in the 7th grade, on may 31st, at three oclock in the afternoon

dogs got the flea-bitten mange

the pain

been playing the guitar again
most likely write a country song in a minor key

down in this valley

stopped drinking
(thanks Rose's)

then i had a beer 

old man walks around the house in his comfort when its just the two of us
he flirts better than me

whats a girl to do

went on my old stand-by
dr stillman's quick plan...

norma? peenee? david? yo bob? how bout a cookie, cookie

thank god for mistress & the ever- present thombeau, out there, in the dark

loves long walks on beaches
and a little rough trade from time to time
lamour lamour

rui the day
with a camera and an assistant
or two

i hate the new non-classic bud cans

instead of using our christian names of mark & wally, we have now decided to use the names of blanche & sautee

im blanche

jill gets it

then theres the babies
the garden
see it at mjs later, for fricken green elf shorts
would you


i think im done now

but ill come back to update this post
or not

kkk & raspberries and cream yall

and thatll be just fine.

Wishing i had a bunch of fag waiters & one straight one....



  1. whadda ya think maddie?
    sixteen or seventeen more rounds?

  2. Dearest Blanche -

    Those fag waiters get REAL old, REAL fast. Never forget...

    Glad you are alive and kicking.


  3. did you sign up for one of kabooky's correspondence courses?
    sure sounds like it.