Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well I'm Free, Just Not Available....

Well the internet is on, but not that that would have mattered, we, enduring this previous fortnight...
It seems that I have been focusing on "The Mission" and absolutely no time on her royal highness.
More is the shame.
We actually had cocktails in the new dining room tonight, it felt good just to sit there with a beer & look out over the future of "The Hole in the Wall", and experience it.  I do have to repaint the Meadievil Gold into something a little less spectacular, perhaps Bitter Chocolate....

Here's some dick, because I know you've been missing me....

Whenever I see Richard the Lionheart,
I just think:

Don't You?


  1. You should never be free.

    Hell of a bargain maybe but never free.

  2. Nice dick, but where's the lion.