Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet the Man that Cut My Hair for the First Time in Years...

Tonight on ABC at 10pm Eastern -
The news show 20/20 will run a segment featuring my hair-dresser & new friend, Geno.   It should be an interesting story and also I would like to point out that it was filmed at The Hole in the Wall.

Geno has asked me to go with him to NYC for any follow-up interviews that may occur, I said that I would...

La Publicite'

Geno after helping me stain the floor in the new dining-room.


  1. you decide to cut your hair and it makes news?

    1. I thought I covered that in my blog....?


  2. Whenever Ï get a haircut, it makes "What Was He thinking?"
    But, since this is about you and Geno, well, cool beans.

    And I'm still loving the floors.

  3. I guess that Ill just have to learn how to shoot a gun then!

    (Yes! And so wonderful to lay upon, or lie up on; whichever applies).