Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Preparing for Our First General Staff Meeting...

You Know....
Giving the Hired Help a Pleasing Stream of the Old Rancid....

Whatever Shall We Wear???

Perhaps We Should Go and Dust Off Our Miniskirt Now...


  1. A mini-skirt paired with a striped turtleneck and some big-ass hair says, "I'm fun, but I mean business."

    At least that's my rule of thumb.

  2. Bob, we obviously went to different schools together!

  3. If you are asking my advice darling... Wangle that guitarist out of his jacket and borrow Jeannie's knee high white boots... What else does a girl need???

  4. ... a lil nip o' gin never hurts.

  5. I think anyone who grew up in a small town can relate to this song. It's a shame that I never heard the full version until I was in college.

    I say you can never go wrong with a suit. Just avoid the Suzanne Sugarbaker shoulder pads if possible.

  6. Great hair hopper -- ranks somewhere just below the majestic Bobbi Gentry. Growing up in rural Quebec, this song is part of my subconscious.

  7. bitter69uk, Graham,

    I'm back to the general neck-of-the-woods where I lived as a child back in the sixties......

    I've actually touched this hair- alot....