Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meet The Young One....

Michael - 

But first, here is some of his work!

He is a wrapper, a wire wrapper....

Aren't they great???

The crystals & stones are like candy.
Even we have started one!

When he is bored, he will draw on himself

We were hesitant to post these two photos of him because they are blurred, grainy and swirly...

It suggests his personality to a T!


  1. Oooh... What a talent! and I'm not just talking about the wire wrapping darling...

  2. My God, can you see what he could do with a mason jar??? The work is very different and beautiful though. I bet he could make a hell of a choker......

  3. Mistress MJ has passed many a leisurely moment with a young man and felt tipped pens and encourages you to keep up your art lessons with him.

  4. Hey Guys,
    Michael is nineteen and got into an argument with me a couple of nights ago, insisting that he is not a blonde....

  5. Ah yes... they all say that... but is he a "Natural Blonde"?

  6. and where can we buy these lovely pieces?

  7. brentsmells, Welcome!
    You could always give michael a shout out on facebook at and ask him to friend you...

    They really are very lovely and that is all sterling & gold wire!