Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking Out Some New Doors...

This is what we see looking out of the front door of the restaurant:
The old town hall in the square.

And this is what we see looking out of the back door:
This is one of a mated pair of hawks that stop by for lunch everyday in the field behind us.


  1. Oh, that's really cool.

    Are you settling in OK?

  2. lx, Yes it's cool and Yes I'm settling in....
    My friend Mark is like a brother and his boys are great and treat my with love & respect...
    It has been very nice and very busy!

  3. I'm glad you're doing well. I wouldn't turn my back on that hawk, though, she looks like she means business.

  4. David, It is!
    With bisquets & sausage gravy AND fried green tomatoes!

    peenee, Well, if she's gonna fuck with the falcon, she'd better learn how to fly....

    Thanks for calling,

  5. Please tell the wreath hangers that they missed six across the front!...
    One just can't get good help these days....

    So glad that things are looking up for you Darling... It seems that you have had such a horrid year... it can only improve!

    Do you have a new Postal Address? It's just that I have a card to send and nowhere to send it to...
    Email me...

  6. Princess, I was just thinking of you & my current address that I just found out today.....
    And I just wrote a difficult letter to my brother in Guatemala that I took a grab out of to share with you all, but found it prudent to remove the actual physical address to only inform the viewer that they could email me to get my address!

    It is good to know one is where one belongs!

    My email and gratitude are long overdue to you, but have never left my mind.... I'll do it very soon; maybe even now....


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  8. Love the old building. That's one thing I do love about Smallville.
    And the hawk.....hmmmmm, he looks kinda creepy.

  9. There are hawks in Mistress MJ's neighbourhood too.

    Yesterday they were having a dispute with the crows.

    Over zoning regulations, perhaps?