Sunday, December 11, 2011

Important Update... ...

Not only can we pee off the front porch,  
but we can also leave our empty cans on the rail, 


  1. Later to be shot off the rail with a bebe gun, and a nice neat gin and tonic! Or have you a new drink of choice honey with change in locale? Maybe a slow gin fizz?

  2. Have you moved to hillbilly heaven?

  3. Country life!
    Ain't it a bitch!

  4. Maddie, The drink of choice seems to be White Lightning (moonshine), and I don't think anyone has a bebe gun up here, but I can see three loaded guns from where I'm typing....

    Princess, You know it!
    And there are quite a few sexy hillbillies running around too!
    .....You know.... Mountain Men.

    Bob, I'm agonna love it for what it is, and it is nice to be the "pretty one" again....

  5. I don't mind a bit of peeing off the porch but... it's when they start squatting on the stoop that things can turn a little ugly....