Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Really Happy Outcome for All Involved...

We just got off the phone with our closest of friends & confidantes, Agnes.

Agnes lives in Florida and is a most remarkable person, not only does she handle really, really huge corporate finances, her own lovely family, her huge extended family along with bailing out our sorry ass with some regularity, you'd think she would want to relax in the pool with a nice can of beer?  Well, not my friend Ag, what does she do? She made time to register with the state as a GAL (guardian ad litem), a child advocate. One of her first and longest lasting cases is a little boy named George, that was neglected and abused by his traditional parents mostly for being a little slow.  Ag & I have talked, cried, muddled and prayed on many occasions over George...
Her call to me today was to share that George has been adopted by a lovely, loving couple that happen to be gay...

Please watch this video and see how happy every one is, the parents, the judge, my friend Agnes, but most importantly see how beautiful and happy little George is.

This Time My Tears Are From Joy....


  1. "It's been the longest pregnancy ever!" Great line and great story. Through all the craziness in this world, we should try to focus more on those stories as often as possible!


  2. Now that is good news, and a huge praise for your friend Agnes!!! It is so nice to see this happen. Happy tears are always best I say. Now could you bring me a bromide?

  3. Oh Happy Day!
    Tears of joy are expected and necessary after such an endurance darling...
    I'll have a G&T in celebration please....

  4. Oh hai Jon... Maddie... Mwah Mwah

  5. What a fabulous story, and what a lucky little boy.
    Well, now that I've had my cry, I need to reapply.

  6. Thanks everyone for watching & commenting. When Agnes kisses little George and says "I love you", in the video, well, I guess you can all realize then what a sweet douchebag that I actually am!

  7. Wonderful, wonderful! You've made my day! Thanks!

  8. This is fantastic. A happy little boy and a happy gay couple.

    Take that Anita Bryant.

    Fuck off evil Florida Governor!

  9. great story, sugar! i LOVE the happiness and joy on all of their faces! xoxoxox