Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Just Did Something Naughty......

Just now,
looking for a photograph, we incidentally came across a web-page for our high school graduating class.  There are a few that we still hold dear, even after all these years, and wished to view their profiles, however, one must create a profile in order to view a profile....


Having this evening made the egregious error of mixing "the grape with the grain",  suffice it to say:

We Did !!!

Charlotte & Karen
Our Kind of Chicks Then & Looks Like, Now Too!
Hand that joint to the old queen, would ya?

In our own defense, however, we must say that we gave scant information:

 Gramercy Park, NYC, Designer/Provocateur.

And under comments we wrote:

"I was the head library aide from 1974 until my early graduation; I know what books all of you were checking out."

Oll Korrect,
All True.

We don't know what will come of it, but we would like to hear from a couple of them, (Where are you? Karl III) & would be happy to hear from several more.  Two dear memories from our youth were concluded as well this evening; Rest in Peace Julie & Hope & others as well...

The Best Part:
After looking at a few photographs, We are feeling rather pretty right now!


And we are feeling rather proud that we didn't feel the need to mention Jeff.

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