Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Such Charming People....

House Majority Leader: Eric, "Jazz Hands" Cantor (R-VA), said that he wouldn't release funds for the  relief of the Joplin tornado disaster unless he could make cuts somewhere else.....
Sounds good; Fair enough...

And he has done just so...
Where did he find the money, one might wonder?

Big Oil? Big Defense? Tax Breaks?
Money Tree?

Don't Be Silly, Silly......

He's a republican, so he thought it best to take 1.5 Billion away from America's future technologies & future industries, more specifically from the clean cars program. 

So why do we say "Charming"?
Well, it seems that only one billion is going to disaster relief, the other half-billion just went:

Now isn't that a charming little trick?

Read all about it HERE

It is good to know that the oil companies are having a better day than the people of Joplin & we...
Is it not?


UPDATE: Make sure you first check the financial statements of those that you might help, otherwise...
Read all about it HERE


  1. If people read this, and UNDERSTAND it, and still do not believe that the GOP is more concerned about Big Oil and Big Business, and not the Middle and Lower classes of this country, they need to have their big fat heads examined.
    Once their heads are pulled from their big fat asses, of course.

  2. The New York twenty-six thing is very hopeful, don't you think? Very republican....
    Non-calcified republicans hopefully are waking up, Bob, keep a good thought!
    I don't see DD singing anytime soon!!!

  3. Sorry to say Stephen, A Puddy-Cat.

  4. You are lip reading wrong daarling... he's saying..."My partners cock is this big"...

    Its all about greed!

  5. Princess, Re-Fabulatated: Mmmm....