Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Name dropper... Child mentioner...

Have Any of You Been to Bitterness Personified ?
(We have it listed in the house of uncommons).


Anyway we have been studying one really magnigicent post that  GRAHAM RUSSELL (bitter69uk), posted:

"Reflections on Boom!"

And one thing we do know is that none that visit we, and not want to hear bandied about names like:

Tallulah and Coward and Waters and Divine and Elizabeth & Richard; Tab & Tennessee....
(amongst others),
Would not wonder why they would click;

or this...

But even if you didn't click on the above, you should click: THIS , because Graham tends to hang with a pretty groovy crowd that he talks to...

We are really very happy to have found Graham.



  1. Blimey! That's really flattering, thanks. Am itching to see Boom! again to see if it's still as trippy and bizarre as I remembered. And I wish we could all go back in a time machine and watch the 1964 Tallulah Bankhead-Tab Hunter Broadway production of Milk Train. Sadly, Nude (the alternative arts and culture print magazine and website I interviewed John Waters for) is folding - another victim of the recession. Probably the last thing I'll ever do for them is the interview with Marianne Faithfull that's also on the website.

  2. Bitter - Really nice work! No flattery involved....

    Speaking of bitter old queens... Ooops!
    They have & will check out your post!

    As for the circumstances:
    Psychopaths are in every dominion now, unfortunately...

    Artist will suffer; Art will explode.

    love is the priority.

  3. OOOOO!
    I forgot to say that I called my married friend and asked him & his wife to bring over BOOM!.....

    Time for a refreshing....