Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker...


As well as all his supporters..
 Anyone that still admits to having voted for him.


and if there are any conservatives looking at this, let us translate for you, as we understand that you must be intellectually challenged:



  1. Hello from Wisconsin!

    Ya know, Scott Walker is a dick, a complete tool, a total douche bag. He didn't finish his degree at Marquette University- overall he was a C student. One month in office and he's managed to piss off most people in the state.

    Thanks to the Koch brothers, Mr. Walker was funded with enough money to win the governor seat. Now he must pay back those Kochs with ridiculous demands on the people of Wisconsin.

    While Wisconsin faces some serious financial problems you can't put the burdend of this solely on the backs of the working people. Everyone, including "big business" needs to contribute to working these problems out.

    I encourage everyone to look into this issue- both in regards to Wisconsin and your own state. If it happens here then it will happen elsewhere.

    I was raised in a family of Republicans, and while I'm Liberal in my own political views I would consider myself to be an Independent voter. The Republican party has become the host for this tea bagging parasite. If you consider yourself a tea bagger, I ask you to follow the money within your organization and see who is funding the Tea Party and why they are doing it. The Koch brothers, Karl Rove, Dick Armey and others are using you to further their political ambitions.

    There is such anger in this state. Sorry to ramble but this is the first time I've tried to articulate my feelings.

  2. Dear Anonymous-
    As I was reading your comment I was almost to the conclusion that you were a professional writer - at no time did you ramble.

    What is happening there, (and it is happening elsewhere in the US), just disturbs me to no end. The two things I see, that fundamentally upset me, are the lack of will of a large portion of the populous to exercise an iota of critical thought and the disgusting ease with which Scott Walker, The GOP in general, Fox News, etc. lie. (I have many republican friends, but they are fed lies & just don't think about it).
    Sad, sad, sad.

    My hope and prayer is that people will start thinking & the lies be exposed. What the wonderful people of Wisconsin are doing is so important to my hopes and prayers being answered, not to mention to the future of this country.

    Thank You Very Much for Your Thoughts,