Saturday, February 19, 2011

Road Take Us Down The Highway -

We Love Cars!

Desdemona was her name, and this is her!
come on parkaboy & others....
give us an amen!

The 1960 Dodge Seneca, Phoenix & Dart

We had the Seneca, and we will tell you all about it...
as soon as we finish this drink....

Oh yeah!
Chrissie Hynde was in the back seat of Desdemona once,
upon a time,
 in manhattan...

a long, long, time ago..



  1. Was Chrissie "Detroit leaning?"

  2. What wonderful cars back then. Each product line had it's own flair and following. I had a 1959 Chevy like this one.

    Oh Hai MJ!

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  4. I didn't own the car then but that was around the time I first met her though. I was a friend to her brother, and he had borrowed the car as I recall... At any rate, she had "no visa.".

  5. Hai xl
    I only ever owned classics till I moved to NYC, I was not rich, just a weekend grease monkey...
    I can't access your photo on my server???
    but I am very familiar with the '59 chevy... cat's eyes tail lights... yummy!

  6. The link doesn't work for you?

    Try this one.

    Mine was blue and white ... with the big bat wings!

  7. Yes... That's her!
    I wouldn't have kicked her out of my car-port, given the chance....
    I think I only ever owned one chevy.... But I worked on a few & owned several Caddys...
    I think I'll be posting about all of them....
    But Desdemona was the "all-around" best car... Truly

  8. You are too kind M. -
    I have to tell ya though, Desdemona brungs all the girls to the yard.!.

  9. I always wonder how the 1960s Dodge Dart ended up looking heavier than than the 1957 Dodge line (before the Dart).

    Then it dawned on me - evolution!

    The 1956 Dodge introduced the twin tailight housings on each fin. In the 1957, Dodge kept the twin lights, and introduced the "Fin" as a shortened cap over the rear quarter panel; 1958 was a essentially a replay of 1957. Then for 1959 the overall design of the front grille became busier and the twin tailights lengthened out, while the cap fin became more exaggerated.

    So what happened in 1960? Since the top fin had been maxed out for 1959, Exner decided to make the taillights huge.

    On full sized Dodge's - the Polara and Matador the twin tailights (top red, bottom clear) became significant attributes of the rear quarter panel. The truncated fin stopped about a foot short of the top tail lense housing.

    But on the Dart, Exner's rear end design had a sorter deck, so the top fin was longer, making the rear of the 1960 cars look more like a 1957 Oldsmobile then an out front Dodge.

    In 1961 the whole design went to hell in a hand basket, and every one knows what happened in 1962.

  10. Point of clarification - the 1960 Dodge Dart line three subseries - Pioneer, Seneca and Pheonix.

  11. Yea Cookie!
    I couldn't remember the name of the wagon, so thanks for reminding me.
    I do almost all of this bloggy stuff from memory and for leisure, so, I tend to omit that I can't recall correctly. The other thing that I would have liked to point out was the number of trim levels the series came in, I think it was sixteen, but there again it has been many years since I was a card carrying member of CCA and known for sure.
    The thing I should have pointed out was the commercial introduction of the slant-six 225, and that the dart was meant to compete with the falcon & corvair, and indeed this was the smallest Chrysler made (it was a big deal).
    I drove Desdemona from Richfield to Florida to New York & back at least nine times when I was in my twenties....She never let me down & She was a thrill on a Highway!

    I love your car posts & hope your current mission is going well.