Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Explanation & Excuse -

About three weeks ago my keyboard had a little too much to drink & did not recover. This has made it very difficult for me to do anything more than post a funny & a one-liner, commenting becomes labor.
I use a Mac PowerBook G4 so I do have a keypad, however, I learned how to type at a young age on a No. 5 Underwood typewriter like this:

Feel My Pain...

If I were still in NYC this would be a problem easily solved by taking a stroll around the block on trash night. Up here on the Blue Ridge, though, I'd sooner find hot gay hillbilly sex or a nugget of gold, seriously.

The irony of all this is that it happened when at the first time, in a long time, that I've had the muse upon me and have had a few things to say....

Don't worry kids, the muse will likely leave the moment a new keyboard arrives.


  1. The Blue Ridge sounds a lot like where I live. It's called The Highline here and appropriately, is in the middle of nowhere. I do feel your pain.

  2. I like the clicky-clack of a real typewriter. I still use mine to address envelopes.

    PS: Hog-tie the Muse until the new keyboard arrives!

  3. I never realised hot gay hillbilly sex was that uncommon. Isn't there a place where the gay hillbillies can meet?