Friday, December 14, 2012

Rice and Beens....

That is to say:
Susan Rice and The Has Beens;
 Lindsey (Sashay) Graham &
 John (Get off my lawn) McCain.

Sometimes these assholes piss me off so much with their mendacity that I just cannot type, but luckily I found this on Esquire:
Congratulations to John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They got the head they wanted for the wall of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. They ginned up a fake controversy, got enough people to buy it, and then got the president to decide that they would be the ones to decide who the next Secretary Of State is. Good job, all of you, including you, Mr. President. Seriously.

And note to John Kerry — don't take the job. Tell your old buddies to stuff it. You don't want to walk into the State Department over a body that's still warm.

Read more: Susan Rice Not Running For Secretary Of State Nomination - The Defenestration Of Susan Rice - Esquire

Which is exactly what I wanted to say....

That and,
"Fucking Assholes"

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  1. Miss Lindsay and Doddering McCain are two of the greatest asshats ever foisted upon this country.