Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How I Handle Sweet, Stupid, Fox News Watching Idiots...

Living here on the Blue Ridge in North Georgia I am fairly surrounded by conservatives: Republicans, Tea-baggers and Christofascists. I have to admit that I must be a saint, holding my tongue (only for the sake of the old man's diner). And they, knowing that I am a gay liberal New Yorker and for the sake of the diner, hold back a little too (they need to keep their relaxed little club-house), also they sorta like me as well.

I thought that I should share how I handle it whenever things get a bit heated or thick. I don't know if it will work for anyone else, but it sure has been working for me up here in but-red, appalachia:

#1 I never start the conversations.

#2 I do my best to give simple, streamlined answers & ideas.

#3 I never say "that's a lie",  and god knows that their heads are filled with them.  I find myself saying instead, "that's just not true, would you like me to look up those facts for you?"

#4 Don't force-feed an infant... If the discussion goes well or poorly, no difference, I excuse myself in a timely fashion by charmingly saying: "Don't worry [insert name],   America, reality & I will be waiting for you whenever you decide to turn off Fox News and join us."

It has actually been working!
I get no vibrations of distain from them, contrariwise, intrigue! Now they seem to appreciate me more and occasionally ask me questions on divers matters....

I do believe I may be here for a reason after all!

This picture has nothing to do with what I just wrote, I just really like men that wear blue-jeans & flannel,
 one that owns a tractor gives me wood!


  1. It's like Missionary Work! God bless you!!


  2. I follow some of the same guidelines, although our little spot in South Carolina is one of the Blue Spots in a Giant Red Scar.
    Here's what i do:
    #1 I never start the conversations.....about politics or religion or sports.

    #2 I do my best to give simple, streamlined answers & ideas. Mono-syllabic is key.

    #3 I usually say "That's not true" and then steer them away from the FoxNews chiron.

    #4 Smile, nod knowingly, and quietly walk away before rifles are pulled out.

  3. You will convert them all, Wally. I believe in you! ;)


  4. Jeans and flannel? Are you sure you aren't just a closeted Lesbian?

  5. There's good reason to think Fox could be fatally wounded after getting the recent election so wrong. Let's hope so!

  6. I just love a good looking man with a tractor. My grandpa had one just like that... the tractor i mean

  7. If you can't raise consciousness, at least raise hell.