Friday, August 3, 2012

Some of What's Really Been Going On...

The American Wild Black Cherry:

We have one growing in the back yard that bore a peck or two of the pea-sized bittersweet fruit, so the old man picked 'em & I put 'em up...

 After all was said & done, we got three quarts of syrup and three quarts of jam.  The syrup is truly amazing, in seltzer to make soda,  served over desserts like cobbler or on vanilla-fudge swirl ice cream (You'd just die & go to hog heaven!).

Then Last Night:

I made some fresh apple-mint jelly, which is not green, as some of you know, but a wonderful golden topaz color...

Absolutely Wonderful!
Even if I say so myself...


  1. I'll have one of each.

    Oh! And that toaster too!

  2. and yet i see not a queen's queen label anywhere.

  3. Yum!

    wild cherries! My kin used to make some sort of liquor with I hear tell. But then what didn't they make liquor out of?

  4. Honey, next thing you must do is open a cute little general store that has a happy hour! Why I would love to sample your jams.