Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm At a Loss...

Oh, so many, zingers....
Most of them hers.
I've known & loved her voice since the first time I heard it, most likely as a baby (mom was a big fan).  Witnessing any performance or cameo was always an absolute thrill....

Right now I can't even remember one schtick, and I know why.

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of making her acquaintance at her birthday party some years ago.  So now when I think about her passing, I can't even muster a joke, which she would have loved, I just see her face and feel her spirit (which was surprisingly gentle & coy).  And with that, I'll just say:

Thanks Phyllis, for making myself & my life... Better.



  1. I remember her laugh and it makes me smile all over again.

  2. Her wardrobe has been an inspiration...

  3. A great act and probably would have been a hoot to be around in real life as well.

    RIP Phyllis. Thanks for the laughs.

    PS: For some reason, Blogger stopped alerting me to your recent new posts. Sorry.

    1. Sometimes Blogger just does as it pleases I have noticed...