Saturday, December 6, 2014

Feeling Nauseous

With all the malignant racism and institutionalized bigotry that has been exposed of late, I've been just too disgusted to post. No sooner did I arrive in Cleveland than twelve year old Tamir Rice gets shot dead in a playground with a toy gun a couple of miles away from here. Meanwhile Mike Brown is dead and Darren Wilson is now a retired millionaire. This is to mention only two of god-knows-how-many executions, and silly me, I thought that I'd left the south and their brand of justice.

Moreover, as if this isn't evil enough just on its face, our governors send in more troops than we have in Iraq to quiet citizens first amendment rights to protest, tanks & teargas...???  

The number of American citizens that are in denial or those that justify these tyrannical actions and those that just turn a blind eye to it, demonstrates how deeply sick so many Americans have become, all the while declaring their Christianity, patriotism and exceptionalism. This is a pox and a scourge and I think quite likely will end the empire. I will not argue that we don't deserve that if things continue this way.

Speaking of Horror -

Someone Please,
Fetch Me a Barf Bag...


  1. Comedian Dana Gould, whose brothers are cops, says there are two types of guys who become cops:
    Guys who were bullied in high school and feel the need to have some power, and guys who were the bullies in school and didn't want it to end. I don't think he was joking, but either way it seems pretty spot-on.

    1. Thanks Professor, I agree!

      I first started contemplating this problem back in '99 when Amadou Diallo was executed in NYC. Three of the four cops that killed him were twenty-five years old, (too young). Police recruits only need be of functional intelligence, (C students). Supervisors come up through the ranks without any additional education (C students with even more authority). And a court system that is in bed with their respective police forces.
      I've been saying for years that cops should be paid twice as much, but should have degrees in sociology, psychology, literature, etc., that gives them the tools necessary to exercise good judgment in dealing with citizens. Promotions should be concurrent with the level of a continuing education. Special prosecutors for all cases above a misdemeanor, whenever an employee of the justice system is on trial.
      There's your solutions.
      Now let's hold our breath till it happens....

  2. And speaking of Ohio, it's been 44 years since the Kent State shootings. 44 years! If a nation can't get it together in four decades, we're all going to need barf bags.

    1. Fifty since Dr. King.
      They killed JFK, kidnapped Christianity, fueled racism, and brainwashed the lazy public to the point where they have lost the ability to exercise critical thinking. And these are the people that vote. (just look at the last election).
      Most of the population is left-leaning but don't vote. If they continue not to, things will only get worse, really fast.
      There's an extra barf bag in my purse, help yourself...

  3. As always well put and couldn't agree more. How things have changed just since I was bore. If even a could have kids, which I don't want any, as we all collect a sigh of relief, I mean, could you imagine me with'd be like Joan Crawford meets Karen walker, but I digress, I feel so sorry for these little ones being born. What kind of world will it be then?

    1. Hhaaah!
      You having kids would be like some of these cops becoming cops!!!
      Shouldn't happen...

      We keep fighting, no matter what, no matter how many times we have to barf, to try leave the world a better place (in your case, a more fabulous place)...

  4. It is sickening, and with some of the things I hear people say here in the South you realize it's not going to get better any time soon.

    1. I know Bob, I'm done with the south but there's hate everywhere. We must keep moving the conversation to the left, right now I think it's the only thing we can do.

  5. Law Enforcement is at such a level of high alert for even the smallest of infractions these days. Too many officers with an amped up sense of empowerment. I had a friend killed by a high speed chase when she went through an intersection. They don't serve and protect anymore. If you were to call them for protection...somebody might get accidentally shot or worse, to go downtown yourself. Unfortunately the powers that be at the present lean more on the right and the right to bear arms. It's going to be all out civil war sooner or later.

    1. Yeah, cops are nervous, and they should be, but much of this they have brought and are bringing down upon themselves. As long as good cops remain silent they are complicit in the deterioration of the situation. Meanwhile many are against body cameras but have nothing against having military weapons and tanks!
      (Ferguson PD only owned one taser...).
      I haven't called the police for decades, I know better, I'm gay. My whole time in NYC I was never bothered by anyone except the police, so I get your point. I'm sorry to hear about your friend but unfortunately not surprised.