Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where Is My Love ?


Andre & I were inseparable for nearly ten years. I am OK, but just take a gander at this:

Andre was a Professional Chauffeur for people whom you would all know and have heard of.  (oh, if I was a name dropper).  I met him in a neighborhood dive,  a gay bar,  call "The Albatross", in Astoria, Queens.
There is where, in a moment of complete vulnerability, I advised a complete stranger that I needed a friend.  This then, was when he advised me that this was the first time that he went out on his own since his "husband of Thirty-Seven years", died, a little over one year ago...

We became close.
He had a car!!!
It seemed all too convenient....

You look back and trace things to moments; I remember the moment that I fell for Andre.  Picture being in a limmo, NYC, Queens, no less, bouncing from bar to bar with your own Chauffeur that knows every nook & bar-keep. Every night a new trip! 
Every day more stories!....

On the ninth or tenth night of going out, he took me to a little place somewhere in Queens, cool crowd, nice music. We order our drinks from the dancing bartender who brings them promptly.

I take a sip,  light up a Camel and  
Say, "Where's the ashtray?"

He looked at me professorially & pitifully and said, "You're in it......."

Fell for you!

RIP, My Dearest Love.


  1. Andre sounds like good people. So sorry for your loss.


    1. Thanks David,
      He was a scream.

      It looks like they're trying to clean up The Albatross, it was a dump back then, but I met a couple of notable Drag Queens there as they lived in the same neighborhood as Andre & I...

  2. What a fabulous tribute to a fabulous friend.

  3. A lovely tribute Darling to a cherished friend... I'm sending you big (((hugs))) too....

  4. I'm sorry to hear your sad news. Thinking of you.

  5. Oh Wally, so sorry to hear of the loss. What a great story!!! Thank you for sharing this great story, I enjoyed it.

  6. How fortunate that you had as much time with him as you did. He sounds wonderful!