Friday, October 21, 2011

Stick Around, It Will Be Choice......

After a considerable number of Bromide & Gins, our nerves are being restored like the Phoenix, and in a relatively short amount of time we will spill it...

You know, the details of our dirty, sloppy, and gruesome recent excursion into the psyches and circumstances of those with whom we HAD to do.
So, you do all have plenty of time to stock up on Bromide and the beverages of your choices, and, might we suggest a couple of tins of Jiffy-Pop? You will need something to chew on, even if it's a leather strap.

Love you all,

Ps. There is nothing like a good enema, warm ginger, perhaps?


  1. don't even talk to me about enemas.

  2. norma, not that I ever listened to you anyway....


    Florida was the best!
    Have your douche bag ready....
    Wait for a warm summer thunderstorm to come & then go back to your jungle-encased back yard, spread 'em and splatter!

    (music optional).

  3. I love me some warm ginger! I was just enjoying some ginger sidecars tonight!!!! And enemas??? I don't care for them....most times!!!! And your hitting the Bromides heavy lately dear!!!! Ah, what the hell!

  4. If you rearrange the letters in "enemas" you get "seamen."

  5. if you rearrange the seamen on a ship,
    you hardly ever need an enema.

  6. OMG!!!!! Norma you crack me up!!!! I have never laughed so hard!!!! But how true.