Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Facebooking For The Fools...

Sorry about the heavy post kids, but the fools on facebook need their butts kicked and it's much easier to compose over here. But you all can let me know what you think though & I promise to put up something funny with porn soon..!!!

Flaggots, that's what I call them, those people that display the "Stars & Bars", the Virginia batte flag. The flag that represents treason, cruelty, ignorance, thievery, slavery, hatred, terrorism, racism and obviously to everyone but them, the flag of sore losers.

Last week a caucasian domestic terrorist managed to kill more that twice as many Americans in a few moments than ISIS has killed in the last two years. One of those killed was assassinated: South Carolina State Senator,  Pastor Clementa Pinckney, a black man whose body is lying in state with the confederate flag waving over his murdered corpse. "You rape our women, you're taking over our county and you got to go", the assassin said before he ended that Bible study. This was an act of right-wing domestic terrorism, which is exactly what the Department of Homeland Security has been warning us about since its creation. This terrorist was a flaggot, hardly one photograph of him without a symbol of hatred.

For ninety years no one notable in the United States used that flag, not even the KKK, they used Old Glory in their meetings.  It wasn't until there was talk of integration and Brown V Board of Education did The White Citizen's Council drag out the stars & bars again in the early 50s, it didn't go up in South Carolina until 1961 as the civil rights movement gained steam. So, sure, it's not about racism. (snark).

Now there is a call to take down the flag over the statehouse, Walmart, Amazon and other companies have stopped selling flag-based products and the Republicans, Conservatives & Libertarians are behaving in their predictable hypocritical fashion -  "They're Attacking Our Free Speech!!".  No, my right leaning friends, we are just exercising our right to free speech, you just don't like what we are saying. No one is banning that awful flag! And I feel embarrassed for some of you that I feel the need to point this out. We are simply using our first amendment rights to shame you into doing what's right.

The right is so funny, forever saying "Let the free-market decide", unless it decides against their opinions, then it's the end of America. Well, the free-market has decided, and it has decided that it doesn't want to sell this symbol of hatred and apartheid anymore. Those of us on the left and the centrists will shame that flag right off that flagpole is South Carolina, make no mistake. So go ahead and wave your flag, say what you like as you promote your delusions, exercise your right to free speech as every American should. But don't act so surprised when a majority of Americans disagree with you and are using their right to free speech to call you out on your lies and pop the bubble of your fantasy world with the needle of truth and the stickpin of fact. If you don't like things the way they are then come up with a convincing argument, organize and vote!  This is the American way.

I feel the need to point out that no former confederate state contributes to the Federal Treasury, indeed all of them receive more money from the federal government annually than they pay in (Florida comes in at about zero). So whenever a southerner makes fun of New York, New Jersey and California, they are making fun of the people that are paying their bills and those jokes are not so funny when you know this fact.

In closing I would just like to note that the USA is a remarkable country that allows agents of government to fly a flag of treason and pay for roads and schools named after traitors. I mean in Germany the nazi flag is outlawed and no Jewish kid ever has to go to Joseph Goebbels Middle School, unlike here.